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There was a five centimeter sharp splinter a meter up the foremast. I wasn't sure if I should pull it off, or tamp it down. The thought of that thing sticking me, or anyone else for that matter, was getting on my nerves. _______ was asleep in the hole: I didn't want to wake him up over that.  Seemed petty.  But I was at a loss as how to fix it 'historically-accurate', as the academes' say. The coiled rope was there for the entire westward leg, until Admiral's strict-ordered the kid to uncoil it, at first light, and replace the fraying _________ with it.  (Which he did quite expertly by the way, and virtually single-handedly, though _____ & _____ pulled it tight to the deck chain; no one could do that by himself). I wasn't sure if the ______ defect was caused by the incessant winds, or if the ship had been delivered that way to Cadiz.  

Day ____ was pressing on the men. The Admiral liked that; it was as it were. Should have cast a forestero for the role.



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They arrive on planet riding bright auroras like barracudas ride the turquoise surf. Darting in and out of them in the abandonment of landfall. The aurora's electrons disperse them quickly across the polar skies, carrying them into warmer hinterlands where later they collide with clouds, like lightning. 

That is how Arcanians arrive on the shores of worlds often ignorant of their existence 

They are energy beings whose invisible filaments quickly entangle earthy matter, like an orchid embraces its host's branches. And there, after resting awhile from the long journey, they slowly move out, serpentine like, like army ants on a hunt (or creeping fungi), searching for any type of intelligence. They may linger for months or years in the happy company of chickadees or crows. Unlike humans these forest animals welcome them, and would grieve if they move-on - sharp cries and bobbing cackles. 

Arcanians are gentle folk, but forever curious 

They usually enter a village during an electrical storm, when static electricity makes fingers tingle, and moist branches glow faintly with their electroluminescence. For lonely villagers, in the morning after their arrivals, the first effect is a feeling of newness, as if the rains have cleansed them from some secret malady unknown until that very hour. Arcanians are dependent on encountered higher intelligence after years of interstellar travel. Through shared dream states Arcanians expand their own understanding of humanoid life, and as a result expand the consciousness of dreamers.  

It is good when Arcanians come to mountain villages, but it is much different when they travel to modern cities, where ambient electric energy interferes with their life force.  


This page is for Surrogates who have chosen PROACTIVE PLAY:
​I] Ongoing Travel Radii, OTR:  travel radii (travel distance allowed) is determined in 3 ways:

1.  Assumed Inherent Technology, AIT (see chart below):  

2.  Daily Add-on's, DA:  1 light year for each day after COOPHA acclamation (during RCN Game orientation members establish Home                         Worlds within Home Star-systems):  For example: a player who has been a member for 120 days has a travel radii of 120 light years!

3.  Holdings:  players multiply the daily-add-on amount by the amount of established Outposts and/or Colonies

     a) Outposts multiply by a factor of 1 each (x1). For example:  a player with 5 outposts AND a daily-add-on of 400 will have travel radii of 2,000  LY.

     b) Colonies multiply by a factor of 10 each (x10). For example:  a player with 8 colonies AND a daily-add-on of 350 will have a travel radii of 3,500 LY.  

II] Assumed Inherent Technologies, AIT:  to facilitate game play we endow UCI worlds with the following technologies                (which they do not need to build - they inherently exist):   

   AIT Chart:

   Pre-archaic = 0
    Archaic = 0
    Prehistoric = all wood & stone tools
    Pre-industrial = all iron (no complex alloys allowed) tools & machines
    Industrial = all metal & plastic machines (space travel radii limited to kilometers)
    Post-industrial = all metal & plastic machines (space travel radii limited to AU's)
    Pre-utopian = suspended animation (unlimited travel)
    Utopian = Optional Artificial Intelligence, AI (unlimited travel through wormholes)
    Post-utopian = Artificial Intelligence, AI (unlimited travel through wormholes)  

III] Adjusted Academic Game Content, AAGC (AAGC game features are game-adjusted curricular offerings in                science, math, social sciences, and philosophy - here in typical order of use):

     Astronomy (Game Stars)
     Exo-geography (exo-oceanography)
     Political Science

This player is 45 days in. He has 1 COLONY, and 2 OUTPOSTS. He has decided to leave his home constellation in order to expand his empire.

This activity can be adjusted to teach:

plane geometry
primer in: wave & particle physics
triangle theory
line segments
IV] Gaming Parameters, GP (cartographic & geometric game features - used for trade, taxation, or intruder control):
Constellation Home, CH:  constellation boundary where player has his Home World (usually, but not always, in Orion).

Layover:  location of spacecraft on a constellation boundary (radii cannot overlap; must start again in the layover location with new Daily Add-ons).

Trade Circuit, TC:  with the Home World inside, holdings are assumed to be linked for trade or political reasons - area inside is subject to special rules authored by hosting Home World.
Protectorates, P: Protectorate systems are the terminus points of projections from an Endowed host star-system. Protectorates are identified by the Surrogacy for the purpose of protecting sentient beings instrumental in the process of helping Arcanians transform into the Surrogacy). Protectorates are beneficial to their host star-system, providing the system with Warp-communication Technologies and Worm Holes. Host civilizations can then travel the universe instantly. Students using these ideas will learn about Thermodynamics - the relationship between Energy and Matter.

Endowments, E: Endowed star-systems are systems visited by Arcanians or Surrogates on a regular basis; Endowed systems contain shrines and memorials constructed (by AI) for the purpose of enlightening space visitors.
Game Stars (RCN playable stars in the Orion Nebula):
 TYC123-2200-1    A 
B  TYC126-1899-1    A
B  TYC122-2409-1    O
 TYC4771-1188-1   F
B  TYC4766-2445-1  A                            
B  TYC4766-2450-1  A
B  TYC113-1856-1     A
S  TYC4752-1601-1   A
B  TYC4778-1401-1   A   
B  TYC4774-933-1     A
S  TYC4779-700-1     A
B  TYC129-1873-1     E
B  TYC705-2400-1     A
B  TYC5331-1752-1   A
B  TYC721-2468-1     F
S  TYC1321-1516-1   A
B  TYC1320-2118-1   K                                            in-play
S  TYC1320-1695-1   A
B  TYC1322-1495-1   A
S  TYC1314-1954-1   A
S  TYC1314-1953-1   A
B  TYC739-2617-1     G 
B  TYC735-3442-1     G
B  TYC4778-1401-1   O   
S  TYC5332-1832-1   E
B  TYC4764-1639-1   A
B  TYC116-1329-1     E
S  TYC138-135-1       E
S  TYC1313-1350-1   M       KS Utopia                    in-play
S  TYC1313-751-1     M                                           stasis
S  TYC1314-754-1     M                                           stasis
S  TYC1315-1871-1   G       Ja Utopia                     in-play
S  TYC1315-927-1     M       Zzol Utopia                  in-play
S  TYC744-949-1       E
S  TYC740-1166-1     G        Delinian Utopia           stasis
S  TYC1315-303-1     G       Greenchance Utopia   in-play
​S  TYC138-963-1       E
S  TYC729-1980-1     F
B  TYC1320-2118-1   K         DC                              in-play                      
S  TYC701-2047-1     E
S  TYC98-619-1         E
S  TYC89-2557-1       E
B  TYC743-2547-1     F
S  TYC707-1840-1     A

Main Sequence:  O (outposts only), B (outposts only), A (outposts only), FGK, M (outposts only)  E (flybys only)
Single/Binary TYC Registry Number  Main Sequence Type  UCI Civilization  In-play/Stasis