University of Rhode Island
International Executive Director:  Mr. F. L. Gonzalez
Co-Founder w/ Ursula: Francisco organizes resources from the United States: identifies & organizes funding sources, creates curriculum (creates & supervises educational content), and provides motivational support & guidance. Francisco promotes the RCN (Role-play Characterization Network), an astronomy & geography model with adult Montessori elements.

Dominican Republic Regional Director:  Ms. Ursula Eusebio De Los Santos
Ursula organizes resources from her region, and supervises local staff.  She is the contact person linking OSI to an existing board of directors implementing RHD (Red de Hombres Dominicanos -- or -- Dominican Republic Men's Net): a drop-in center for at-risk men in danger of fomenting domestic abuse; male members coach and support peers under our service milieu.

Pakistan Regional Director:  Mr. Neveed Masih
Naveed engages a wounded impoverished community in his native Lahore, Pakistan. His mission is to train volunteers in IRI protocols; the Innocence Recovery Initiative is a grassroots mental-wellness outreach designed to reach out to the mentally ill on the streets of Lahore through unconditional regard, and self-motivated referrals (to clinical resources in the city) thereby fostering peaceful coexistence & servile tolerance among urban ethnic groups: Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists.

Maine Woodland Campus Director:    PENDING  

Role-play Characterization Network
Globe Models:                                                     
AVP Students (first names only):

Lahore and outskirts
San Juan,
Puerto Rico
Learning Humanities Through Astronomy & Geography Role-play 
Nothing of lasting value gets accomplished until we are able to shatter the horrible isolation of the mentally ill on the street.  The hope and trust we give must be genuine. It must overflow from natural kindness and not from religiosity or mechanical (duty-bound) servitude. We are to love for love's sake, and establish a caring community where there is none, or where existing ones are inadequate. IRI is completely non-sectarian, and subject to whatever norms and values are expressed by the street people serve (the people we dare to touch).

Our grassroots unconditional regard, non-sectarian, multi-ethnic approaches break down the legalese/taboo barriers inherent in cultures where scientific ignorance, and fear, has pushed the sufferer into inner caverns of passivity and hopelessness.     

Street Wellness Initiative     

Andres, Dominican 
RHD (Men's Net)
Orenda Society International
Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Street Wellness Initiative
Role-play Characterization Network
Men's Net
In our service area (Andres, Dominican Republic) the urgency of teaching Humanities supersedes even basic literacy; adults (specifically poor men) need fast insight on the cultural issues that affect them and their families. Our RCN/RCT program is designed with hands-on metaphor-based immersions that require little reading, though comprehension is a must; our pedagogy requires teams where strong learners are grouped with weaker ones; on an international scale we utilize a 'cloud' of volunteer academics (advanced students and professors). We depend on volunteer educators who 'adopt' extraterrestrial globes (our beautiful hand-crafted models) that are dispersed randomly in campus settings, others are sent to prominent individuals & organizations -- some are in shows -- some sold. 

Once found volunteers get to keep the models, and are free to interact with RCN educators when they feel comfortable (or never, as the case may be); some answer the call, forming Learning Cells where educators and a students 'teach & learn' abstract concepts in the Humanities. Volunteer foreign educators are called, "Surrogates".

UU Educational Cooperative in Andres, Dominican Republic
Our novel pedagogic applications: 
Our adult constructivist milieu in Andres, Dominican Republic, based loosely on the work of Jean Piaget & Maria Montessori, benefits both the teacher and the student. COOPHA is located in our educational cooperative in Andres, Dominican Republic; all our physical teaching & learning activities occur there while Surrogates work from abroad by fostering 'pen-pal' relationships with our students: in par with our constructivist methodologies we are building an 8' x 20' star-chart used for astronomy research, drawing & design (star-system design, planet model construction, cartography, and understanding technology through simple physics). Other modules consist of a 300 foot cavern replica, and a spacecraft simulator; the simulator is built within the cavern spaces and requires an overnight stay! These RCN features (among others) are used to teach important lessons by proxy -- by thoughtful socio-cultural comparisons that engage the PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE: our HUMAN PREHISTORY,  GEOLOGY,  HISTORY, SOCIOLOGY, PHYSICS,  PSYCHOLOGY, TECHNOLOGY, COMMUNICATION, and PHILOSOPHY.

Note: RCT is the therapeutic twin to RCN, and consists of role-play sociodramas' that engage students in more personal content, such as gender issues, machismo, classism, and identifying urban myths. 

Our COOPHA Role-play learning scaffold: 
Our pedagogy begins with the UCI: the Universal Consciousness Index (a practical game rubric) is a simple way of assessing evolution's role in universal intelligence, and a rough predictor of strongly emergent consciousness. While our emphasis is the creation of a Utopian home, our students create other terrain models in the process (randomly), and use the rubric as a template for advanced thematic content:

                               Main Sequence:    B.V color:        Description of Star:    Description of World:                             Game Suitability:

1.   Pre-archaic           O                light blue              hot new stars              no life                                                           n/a  
2.   Archaic                   B                 blue                       hot early stars            single cell life in hot-spots                      outpost
3.   Post-archaic        B, A             blue/white           cooler early stars       multi-cellular (simple sea life)              outpost/colony 
​     c*
4.   Prehistoric           F                  light yellow          early mid-life stars    complex ocean life/early lifeforms       colony   

5.   Pre-industrial     G                  yellow                    mid-life star               early humanoid/present era                  home world 
6.   Industrial             G, K             yellow/orange      late mid-life stars      late humanoid                                           home world
7.   Post-industrial   G, K             yellow/orange      late mid-life stars      late humanoid                                           home world

8.   Pre-Utopian         K, M            orange/red           older stars                   late humanoid/early AI                          home world     
9.   Utopian                   M                red                          old stars                       late humanoid/AI                                   home world         
​     i* 

10. Post-utopian        M                 red                          old stars                       AI                                                                n/a
Note: UCI Cusps (*) are the following crises (cathartic) timeline events that move our content forward:

*a    'Emergence of Life'
*b    'Cellular Organization'
*c     'Diversification of Life'
*d    'Emergence of Intelligence'
*e    'Pre-industrial Sociocultural Barriers'
*f     'Industrial Crisis'
*g    'First Awareness & First Contact with Extraterrestrials''   
*h    'Emergence of Artificial Intelligence, AI'
*i     'Crisis of Meaning'

Notes: The UCI is the framework for both the RCN and the RCT; from its simple but elegant structure students gain knowledge in the Humanities - that being the biological precursors that led to human society & culture. Our RCN point-of-view, however, is much broader: we posit that intelligence & consciousness are as much a factor in the architecture of the universe as the 4 master forces of Thermodynamics.

Consciousness (the universe's sentient terminus) is important because without it the universe would remain unknown; getting-a-grip on consciousness allows for the introduction of Philosophy, which engages our students on issues relating to 'their own belief systems': issues that impacts their lives in profound ways (those issues are the auto-identified features of RCT)!

Glossary of Terms 
(these are brief definitions; click on word or term for expanded content on selected terms)
Active Players (RCN): USA Surrogates who accept Student Content, and travel to student's worlds in order to promote cultural exchanges and/or trade.
Acquisitions (RCN): refers to planets, moons, or asteroids acquired by RCN Academy students while engaged in game play.
Administrative Assistant:
Adjusted Game Content, AGCeducational (real science) content adjusted for game-play; AGC is not necessarily logical, but must conform to real knowledge;  AGC often mixes disparate learning elements to enhance game-play action.
Advanced Content: content created by Proactive-players (used to enhance RCN's learning potentials).
Advocacy: to actively work for a particular, altruistic, social goal.
Agents: Surrogates or micro-business designees who recruit personnel-based resources for COOPHA.
Alpha-numeric Notation, AN: commonly used game notations using pre-algebra symbols (letters and numbers together).
Arcanians: back-story feature - the culturally-agonized ancestors of artificial intelligence beings, AI.
Archaic: planets with simple one-celled life forms (archaea). 
Artificial Intelligence, AI:
Asteroid Belt:
Astronomical Units, AU:
Back-story RCN epic content:
Best Practices:
Boundary Forfeiture Rule (RCN): game rule which requires players who cross constellation boundaries to 'place' their accrued Days-in-Totals into a jackpot. The Game Administrator 'hides' the jackpot (token-based cache) on a distant planet or moon. The procedure enhances game play by adding a Token Motivator to the learning mix.   
Cavern (module):
Ceremonial Stones:
"Choosing a Home Star"
"Choosing a Star System"
Colony Worlds:
Completion Stones:
Community Cafe (COOPHA):
Community Service (UVID-PR):
Cooperative Rite-of-Passage, CROPsocio-educational 'filter' by which potential COOPHA members are assessed.
'Crisis of Meaning'synonymous with the Arcanian Crisis, but artificially induced as a Quest; the Crisis of Meaning is a purposeful journey/ordeal into the institutionalized ignorance of Industrial-level civilizations, for the purpose of attaining  Empathy (a cardinal value of the Surrogacy): these ideas are used as Sociodrama themes in RCT groups.
Days-in, D (RCN): totals accrued from registration-day to the present day - each day accrues 1 Light Year
Distance Allotments (RCN)UCI allotted travel distances due to assumed technological levels: O (N/A), B (N/A), A (N/A), F (Kilometers),G (Astronomical Units),K (Light Years), M (Quantum-processes).
'Emergence of Artificial Intelligence, AI'
'Emergence of Intelligence'
'Emergence of Life'
Empathy & Unity: the cardinal values of the Surrogacy; "empathy with all beings" (a blue stone) and "unity of all beings" (a transparent stone).
Endowed (star-systems): non-sentient star-systems under the control of Arcanians and/or Surrogates; endowed stars (such as our planetarium's Guide Stars, help travelers by shortening the distance between two points (all endowed systems contain Worm Holes), and providing helpful intelligence.   
Exo-geochronology: tracing & documenting the imaginary paths of extra-terrestrial geology & life-form evolution (epoch-based assumptions). Exo-geochronology is only used within the following UCI levels: Pre-archaicArchaicPost-archaic, and Prehistoric
'First Awareness (& First Contact)':
Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ:
Game Administrator (RCN/RCT): overseer and arbiter of all RCN game-related content. The game administrator works closely with the Administrative Assistant.
Game Objects:
Game Rules:
Guide Stars:
Habitability Zones:
Home Star (system)
Home Worlds;
Industrial: UCI Level #  6 - 
'Industrial Crisis'
Kilometers, K:
Kuiper Belt
Learning Cells
Light Years, LY:
Montessori Education:
One-On-One retreat campus: located in Dixfield, Maine, our 30 + acre wilderness is used for student & teacher (leader) orientations and leadership retreats.
Oort Cloud:
Periodic Table of Elements, PTE:
"Physics Primer"
Planetarium Module:
Post-archaic: UCI Level # 3 -
Post-industrial: UCI Level # 7 -
Post-utopian: UCI Level # 9 -
Pre-industrial: UCI Level # 5 -
Prehistoric: UCI Level # 4 -
'Pre-industrial Sociocultural Barriers': UCI Cusp 'E' - the predisposing traditions and beliefs which create the later Industrial Crisis (religion, nationalism, ideology). 
Pre-utopian: UCI Level # 8 - role-players here have made First Contact with ET species, and venture out into the cosmos in search of their ideal life (world).
Primal Anxiety Theory, PAT: Experimental theory of personality proposed by founder. PAT stresses the role of early-human anxiety as a builder of culture & society in the modern context.
Protectorates, P (RCN): sentient worlds under the protection of the Surrogacy.
Provisions (for outposts & colonies), (RCN):
Pre-archaic: UCI Level # 1 -
Quantum-processes, QP:
Quests: the revisit of the 'Arcanian Crisis' by individual Surrogates; used for the purpose of obtaining the cardinal value of Empathy. Quests are semi-conscious immersions into the lives of Industrial-level sentients (an ordeal that helps both civilizations).  In the RCT, Quest themes are often used in Sociodramas
Role-play Characterization Network, RCN/RCT: Role-play Characterization Network, and Role-play Characterization Therapy: these are constructivist, adult-based Montessori-like pedagogies.
Rules of the Game (game rules):
Simulation Curriculum:
Social Sciences:
Sociodramas: brief drama-based role-play sessions during RCT social groups.
Spacecraft (module):
Space Station (module):
Star Catalogs:
Starry Night (planetarium software):
Star System:
Student Content: student generated (fictional) information about their Acquisitions.
Sun: a type 'G' star from our UCI (Universal Consciousness Index).
Surrogacy"Surrogate = one who takes the functional place of another"; our volunteer educators help our COOPHA members by simply answering brief emails from their students (the fictional characters that 'live' in the globe models they own).  The Surrogacy is the term used for all our educational volunteers. Mentoring, not teaching, is the expectation!  Emails are securely filtered by the local RCN director - interested volunteers are asked to email the founder: Francisco Luis Gonzalez (for person-to-person orientation). 
Surrogate of Zzol: The first backstory surrogate - after that early period the term has become synonymous with all leaders of the RCN Academy.  Zzol is the utopia where that particular surrogate resides.
Suspended Animation:
Talking Stick:
Teacher Certification:
Therapeutic Education:
Token Economy:
Token Motivators: a hidden (database) cache of tokens or points, or an actual location within the campus where secret (game related) information is hidden. 
Trade Circuits:
UCI Cusps: thematic boundary between UCI Levels; cathartic milestone events that move civilizations along the UCI.
"Understanding Star Catalogs & Atlases":
Unitarian Universalists' of the Dominican Republic, UUDR:
Universal Consciousness Index, UCI:
Universidad de la Vida, UVID-PR: a street academy used in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The street school leverages a triad of humanities education: ASTRONOMY, NATURAL HISTORY, and PHILOSOPHY in order to teach the humanities to undereducated students - many homeless. 
Work Quota Hours:
Zzol Utopia: Home World of the Surrogate of Zzol. 

​Crafts made by our members in the Dominican Republic are used to promote the holistic objectives of our UUDR cooperative in Andres; our collector's items are used to further our work. We sell or give-away our objects, leveraging them to recruit volunteer educators (Surrogate role-play mentors), to entice funding partners, and to inform the curious. Whenever possible we exhibit our work (my meteorite models are shown here).   

Naveed Masih is a student in Lahore, Pakistan. He is also our street worker in that city. In that volatile region the RCN is not an accepted pedagogic model, but Naveed is working on it - real-life Naveed brings understanding & tolerance to his ethnically divided city: his efforts are worth noting. Besides outreach to the mentally ill, Naveed is also currently exploring Domestic Violence prevention strategies (he's one of our Surrogates; watch him develop!).

​Our cooperative in Andres is a lively experiment in Constructivism, adult Montessori methods, and vocational innovation. Our open-enrollment membership consists mostly of illiterate rural men (women are also invited under a sister program), largely unemployed (many are small subsistence farmers). Our mission is to empower their families through creative hands-on ideas, novel humanities education, counseling & peer support. 

"I am in that Caribbean nation 8 months out of the year, as its first Unitarian Universalist founder - along with my wife. Our UUDR goals mirror the initiatives of our other partner organization: AAWS (Alcoholics Anonymous World Service). We are committed to reduce domestic violence by identifying and activating our community's innate creativity & energy, attributes that will translate into sociocultural insight, economic opportunities, health & equality."

Unitarian Universalists of the Dominican Republic is a non-religious (philosophy-based) congregation founded by UU lay minister Francisco Luis Gonzalez, in solidarity with its partners Naveed Masih and Ursula Eusebio de Los Santos. AA, UUDR, and MOREU COLLEGE USA/DR form necessary wellness components (substance abuse assistance, belief system explorations, and vocational think-tank engagement); the Andres community benefits by the eclectic merging of all our elements under the umbrella of our domestic violence prevention mission/vision.

UUDR was founded in September, 2017.

Ursula Eusebio de Los Santos
COOPHA Co-founder
Mississipi (first rescue)
We are a Welcoming Congregation
A challenge from Ursula in 2015 has now become UUDR - an educational congregation/cooperative in Andres, Boca Chica, a region ripe with prostitution, sexual trafficking, and drug cartel activity. Prior to this, Ursula and her sister Julia (caregivers for my sick father Benito) attempted to provide limited case management, but were hampered by not having a dedicated building. Now the biggest challenge is how to provide services to poor uneducated men in a region rife with violence, legalese-religiosity, and superstition. Fulfilling Ursula's vision will take a lifetime's worth of innovation in the areas of crisis intervention, alternative education, and micro-business acumen.

But nature came to our aid, surrounding us with clean-crisp skies for our astronomy classes, hundreds of caves & fossil sites for our geology & geography classes, easy to grow fruits & vegetables, and interested friends & neighbors. 

Why not replace machismo with social & personal insight?  

Why not use Montessori-like education methods with adults who are functionally illiterate?  

Thanks to the New England founders of Men's Net - from whose ashes COOPHA was born!

Warren Fees (in Memoriam)
Roger Labonte

human experience 
through role-play 
& metaphor"
UUDR's Street Wellness Initiative breaks the stereotyping of street-folks with delusional/psychotic disorders by providing them full UUDR inclussion. 

Proximity = Empathy
Francisco Luis Gonzalez

                                        Warren Fees (in memoriam)           
                                        Roger Labonte  
Our humanities education venues stress conflict resolution as their primary objectives, a close second to abstract thinking and logic. Our educational cooperative and street university provide PRIMERS in math, physics, and astronomy. But the heart of its pedagogy is the SOCIAL SCIENCES: understanding society, culture, political & religious institutions (the norms & values of a society) - mainly what is experienced locally by the membership. 

Francisco Luis Gonzalez
Ursula Eusebio de Los Santos
PRIME DIRECTIVE (no public political contact allowed)
... is what we do!!!
Our Cross-cultural Strategy: 
Our USA mentors (The Surrogacy) earn RCN/RCT teacher certification through our Life-experience Academy (La Universidad de la Vida, UVID-PR)
Administrative Assistant
Adult Montessori Role-play Characterization (and Role-play Characterization Therapy):

Our UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST COOPERATIVE ACADEMY uses Adult-Montessori methods to teach the HUMANITIES; we use  ASTRONOMY, NATURAL HISTORY, PHILOSOPHY as our core pedagogies.

AA - Alcoholics Anonymous World Service, in the Dominican Republic (AA, AL-ANON, NA)
Life-Experience University, UVID-PR - Adult-Montessori (Constructivist Learning) venue
UUDR - We partner with Council of Unitarian & Universalists' (ICUU), and UUPR (Unitarian Universalists of Puerto Rico). 

Click on any of these for basic information on our 
adult Montessori-like methods:
La Universidad de la Vida, UVID-PR
Life-experience University
Unitarian Universalist, UU, education initiatives (COOPHA and UVID-PR) bring Montessori-like approaches on three locations: Andres, Boca Chica (Dominican Republic), San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Catano, Puerto Rico. 

We believe that understanding self, world, and universe are starting points for personal & social  transformation.